Baloubet Du Rouet
Mésange du Rouet
The Origin

The breeder Louis Fardin (grandfather) was responsible for converging two genetic superior breeds. He joined his mare Mésange du Rouet with the stud Galoubet A.

Baloubet du Rouet was born on May 8th 1989 at the « Elevage du Rouet », founded by the “old Fardin”, in Normandy

(1978 - 2008)

Mésange comes from a inbreeding cross between the mare Badine and its uncle Starter, considered by some of the breeders as risky but in this case a great success.

The common element between the two was the pure English blood “Rantzau” who, between 1971 and 1973 was the leader stud of the three Olympic modalities in France. “Rantzau” is considered the best existing pureblood in French sports horse breeding.

With a good nature, Mésange du Rouet starts to procreate, after a consistent career in new horses, having won 13 of the 25 contests in which she participated when she was 4 and 5 years old.

As opposed to her mother who had 21 direct offspring, Méssange du Rouet was less productive and generated one offspring every 3 years, a total of 5. The second of which was Baloubet du Rouet.

To the good nature of Mésange du Rouet, a characteristic of the Rantzau descendents, Louis Fardin joins the fiery spirit of Galoubet A. From this cross came a product with great character… that much is proven!

(1972 - 2005)

Champion of France in 1977, 1979 and 1982, Galoubet A. wins 19 international grand prizes, wins a gold team medal in the 1982 World Championship in Dublin, having the previous year won three qualifying rounds following the same contest. In 2000/2001 he came in 3rd in the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses).